last update on April 2, 2010

Guitar, Vocals

Thomas Hirschler

A picture of Thomas Hirschler

If you told me just a few years ago I’d be writing songs, I would have laughed. If you told me a couple of years ago that I would be recording an album, I would have laughed … heartily. But God has a funny way of working.

Since I began writing and recording, life has presented itself with more difficulties than ever. I became seriously ill when I first started writing, and still God has not permitted me to ascertain exactly what is going on healthwise. The health problems come and go, but in general I am feeling much better. The devil will do his best to thwart the advancement of God’s kingdom, yet I am compelled to continue in this fight. My guitar is my battle axe.

On the guitar, I play mostly acoustic. I only just got an electric guitar a few months ago. I like it! It is, of course, a different animal so I’m still learning it. I’ve been listening to a lot of rock & roll lately and when you put those 2 things together, you write rock & roll songs. Seriously, this is a side of me you probably haven’t seen, but it is a side that has been there all along. I guess for much of my adult life, I tried to hide those things which the Christian world deemed inappropriate.

As a vocalist, I have been singing much of my life, beginning in the church choir at Jackson Baptist Church. While at Moody Bible Institute, I sang in the Men’s Glee Club for a couple of years. I also sang while at National Louis University. Melody and I were involved musically at most of the churches we attended, especially in the earlier years of our marriage.

As a songwriter, in addition to writing on the electric, I’ve also been trying to challenge myself with the melodies (trying to avoid allowing any limitations I might have as a singer dictate what the melody should be). It is interesting where inspiration comes from. Sometimes you get a complete song in a matter of minutes. “I’m Gone” is a good example of this. More often songs come in pieces, both melodic and lyrical, that either get massaged over time, or brought into existence by force (i.e., discipline). I find it particularly important that a song’s lyrics remain true to the Bible, so I strive for that. Though songwriting is the most difficult of my musical endeavors, there are several things very rewarding about it. I especially like it when other musicians bring their talent to bear on a song I’ve written, like when Melody came up with a simple but amazing piano part in “Let it Fall.

On genre, Nathaniel and I feel Christian Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Rock, and Folk Rock are the more fitting for the songs we record. Do you agree? Let us know what you think.


Nathaniel Hirschler

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I’ve been playing drums since 2003. I’ve had two teachers, the first taught me more about improvisation and showed me how to play with different styles of music. The second was more instructional and taught me how to read, showed me the rudiments, and showed me a few books I could use for practicing. Currently I am not taking lessons, but I feel as if the break has helped me to just have fun behind the drums.

As far as recording goes, we spent months trying to get the right drum sound. We originally started with 7 mics, but as we experimented we brought it down to four: two overheads, one on the bass drum, and one on the snare. I still like the tone of my original, cheap beginner kit, and I find it better sounding than the many drums I’ve heard. At this time, I simply have no desire to upgrade to anything more expensive. However, my cymbals are a bit lacking. Most recently I searched for the right ride cymbal to extend my set, ready it for the future, and get the sound I want. It’s the one in my picture.

And yes, all drummers simply must tap away on anything and everything.

Keys, Vocals

Melody Hirschler

A picture of Melody Hirschler

At four years of age, my piano teacher lived next door. How convenient, milk and cookies (and piano lessons)! I have always loved music. With a name like “Melody,” how could I NOT love music.

In my college years, I studied piano and organ at Moody Bible Institute, and went on to get a B.A. in Organ Performance from American Conservatory of Music. It’s too bad most churches don’t use organs in their services anymore. As a classically trained musician, I have found (I am finding) it very difficult to make the transition to popular worship songs. Not having a written score in front of me while playing is a little unnerving, but I’m trying.

I teach piano here in my home, and also at a local music shop, so that has been rewarding. And I do hope to record a piano-only album some day. Let me know what you think about the keyboard parts in the new album.